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In our body we can find nearly all the elements and materials of our natural environment. It is like a mirror held up to life; essential, expendable, unnecessary, needless and even toxic elements of the periodic systems are all contained within. It is necessary to take in trace elements and minerals – as a vital, life sustaining component – every day with our food, and to do so in sufficient quantity.

A lack of minerals, or a body burdened with too many toxic elements causes – as proven by numerous studies – large scale changes in our body.

Orthomolecular analyses are searching for deficiencies as well as toxic burdens placed upon the body, which are not detectable with regular clinical methods, and are not possible to precisely measure either.


A particularityResults obtained from testing of the overall blood flow show the instantaneous available concentration (within a certain range) of the trace elements and minerals in the body, and do not show the momentary status of the body’s reserves.

On the other hand, measurements of the trace elements and mineral concentration in hair (as used in forensic medicine) show element monitoring dating back fully three months. Therefore you can have a retrospective view of past levels and their changes.

Furthermore, we have the possibility to find toxic elements which have been accumulating in the body over a longer term (decades) with a urine test. The evidence of a lack of, or incorrect storage of elements in the body through organic samples is a science based upon a highly developed technique, requiring the effective operation of highly specialized equipment (OES-ICP-MS) following GLP criteria.

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