haaranalyseSpectral Analysis breaks the chains of Diagnosis

Human hair comprises many biological components, primarily Amino Acids.



Every mineral substance or toxic element that can be found in the blood cells, organs, connective tissue, bones and basic elements can also be found in the hair. If you want to get information about burdens and strains, or about shortages of elements, measurements from the hair can be preferable to those in the blood. Hair shows examples of toxic stress much earlier, before raised levels in the blood can be seen.

Hair is a bodily tissue. The roots are supplied with elements from the blood. Trace elements, as well as toxic metals circulating in the bloodstream for around 70-80 hours, will be either excreted naturally by the body or stored in different quantities in the various organ systems.

With Heavy Metal Stress, the poisonous elements are transported rapidly from the blood, preventing damage to certain compartments. These toxic elements are then deposited in the organs instead, often disrupting numerous system maintaining functions, but doing so years later. Even if hair testing reveals no toxic elements, a toxic strain can still exist.

In the hair, trace and bulk elements will be searched for, putting nutrition, environment, behavior and lifestyle patterns out on the testing table.

Analysis gives the simultaneous results (monitoring) of the vital substances present over the last 3 months.

Tip. Since the discovery of Spectral Analysis, this method of measurement has already been utilized to measure solid substances in chemistry, industry, for biological sampling and food products, and applied in forensic medicine and toxicology for evidence of poisoning or drug use.

Which elements will be measured, prices, and a more precise description of hair extraction can be found in the additional links further down the page.

We will not undertake testing to find levels of drugs present.


Information on Analyses and Prices
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