What will be measured?

Within Urine Analysis, there are two different variations available:



Urine Analysis – Basic Program (5 elements collectively)

Measurements of Zinc in spontaneous/morning urine

Measurements of Lead, Aluminium, Copper and Quicksilver in urine extracted using a chelating agent (procedure carried out by a doctor). Optionally Cadmium or other elements can be measured upon request.

Price: € 117,00 (inc 20% VAT) for the Urine Analysis – Basic Program
Special Offer: Urine Analysis – Basic Program and book »Doc, … We Have a Problem!«  for € 127,00 (inc 20% VAT)  – €10,00 instead of €25,50 for Dr. Gruber’s book.


Urine Analysis – Individual Determination

Aluminium, Cadmium, Calcium, Chromium, Copper, Iron, Lead, Magnesium, Manganese, Natrium, Phosphorous, Potassium, Quicksilver, Selenium, Zinc

Price: € 35,00 (inc 20% VAT) per element

Price for Arsenic: € 42,00 (inc 20% VAT)

If a Heavy Metal burden is found by a urine analysis, the usage of a further removal/detoxification is highly recommended. The removal/detoxification infusion is not included in these prices. The infusion – administered by a doctor – costs, depending on indication €70,00 or €86,00.



To our account to be valid  only within Germany or Austria if the delivery address matches the billing address. The invoice amount is to be paid immediately after receipt of the analysis.

Prepayment to be valid for  EU or international countries. The amount is to be paid in advance without deductions (bank transfer, PayPal or credit card).


Conducting Urine Analysis
Registration Form for Urine Analysis (pdf)

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