Water – life-supporting or life-threatening?

Water is a staple provision, and a vital component of our bodies



Through water, life can flourish, but so can disease. Our water is continually tested for purity and quality, however we don’t know what condition it is in when it comes out of our pipes.

Contamination in our water leads to “gradual” damage being done.

Our tests show whether the levels of Lead are higher in water from old, unmodernised buildings.

In countryside regions we often test well water which has been contaminated with sprays, pesticides (e.g. Arsenic) or manure. Damage to the health of animals has been noticeable (behavioural problems, wound healing disorders, hoof, skin and fur diseases).

This is advisable where lead piping in the water supply is presumed or existing.

Note. The lead concentration in water bearing standpipes, or house supply lines from the main line in the street (tap line) can of course be distorted by the water usage of other inhabitants.

The concentration of Lead is certainly higher through longer piping, yet through the increased consumption of water it can also be altered.


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