Vital Substances

VITA means ‘LIFE’!

Being healthy is not just a matter of luck



Vitamins, Minerals, Trace Elements, Amino Acids and Fatty Acids are the substances in our organism which perform essential tasks and allow our metabolic system to operate perfectly in its diverse processes. As a consequence, our body is dependent upon them to maintain good health, wellness, physical capability, as well as psychological and physical efficiency.In their role as vital substances they manage a lot of essential bodily functions, such as the growth of cells, the functioning of the metabolism, the nerves and enzyme activities, and are very important as a component of our hormones.

They regulate our electrolyte balance, and can act as an antioxidant to protect the cells against oxidative stress. In addition they are necessary for the healthy growth of hair, nails, bones and blood cells.

Vital substances are important to maintain our immune system, our “protective shield” against sickness. For this reason it is necessary to support our organism constantly with an adequate amount of Minerals, Trace elements, Amino acids, Fatty acids, Vitamins and others, and in doing so, to consider the specific individual requirements that we have for each substance.


Before using supplements such as orthomolecular medicines, advice should be sought from a physician or pharmacist who is well-informed about orthomolecular treatments. Information provided here is not intended to give or represent a medical diagnosis or treatment plan.

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