Aminoacids – Proteins

Amino acids – Proteins

The body makes digestion easier with the help of Amino acids …



… and with them, the necessary synthesis of all kinds of tissues (muscles, hair, skin, nails) which are dependent on Amino acids can function normally.


Sport – Metabolism – Anti Aging

Amino acids are useful as a supplement to various different diets, as a regulator while suffering from malabsorption, to stay resistant against illness (immune system boost), to enhance vitality and fitness (during sport and especially for those of an older age) and can inhibit the ongoing negative processes of aging.

Especially for people with special nutritional requirements such as vegetarians, lactovegetarians, vegans or those whose diet consists of mostly fruits and vegetables, Amino acids supplements are indispensable because the Amino acids provided by plants will not be so well absorbed as other things coming from plant sources. Therefore the protein metabolism cannot operate optimally, hence finding a healthy, balanced outcome is very difficult.Before or after every sporting activity of any kind, we recommend taking Amino acids.

Taking Amino acids in combination with Zinc promotes normal hair growth and normal, healthy nails and skin.


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