Aminoa Acids


Why Amino Acids are so important for our lives

Through the intake of Amino Acids, the body’s burden of digestion is eased, and Amino Acid dependent tissues such as those in the muscles, hair, skin, nails and organs are taken care of more quickly.
Amino Acids serve as a supplement when dieting or otherwise undernourished, for the strengthening of the immune system against illnesses, to increase vitality and fitness for sport, and especially to slow down the aging process.
For vegetarians, lactovegetarians, vegans, or those who receive most of their nutrients from fruit and vegetables, Amino Acids are indispensable, as vegetable based Amino Acids are not absorbed by the body as well as those from meat, meaning that Protein metabolism cannot function at its optimum level.
For recreational and competitive sportsmen and women at all levels, the intake of Amino Acids is highly recommended.
The intake of Amino Acids in combination with Zinc is beneficial for the growth of hair and nails, and for healthy skin.

What Amino Acids do for your body

  • Provide vital proteins for sports enthusiasts and vegetarians
  • Promote healthy hair and strong nails
  • Work as an ideal transporter of the vital substances in the body
  • Support the absorption of vital substances into the body
  • Regenerate intestinal mucosa


Without Amino Acids there is no life! They are the smallest components of proteins, essential for the body to function trouble-free, and fulfil critical duties within the human organism. If just one Amino Acid is missing, the functioning of all proteins in the body will be compromised.

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