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Your environment – Your Hair – Your Skin


Hair is the most precious piece of jewellery that people possess. That’s why it should be cared for gently, without the use of aggressive chemicals.

With daily reports of illnesses, new viral or bacterial strains, chemical or other harmful substances in everyday usage, in clothing or in the air, we surprisingly quickly end up reaching for washing powders or disinfectants which are far too strong.

But we don’t only wash our sheets too intensively, we also tend to wash our hair and skin overzealously, washing away the body’s own natural protective layer which would actually help prevent harmful substances, bacteria and viruses from penetrating.

Flaky skin and dandruff, allergies, eczema, skin irritation, hair loss and infections of the skin, scalp or genital area are often the result of an excessive cleaning regime.

For that reason, it is vital that our everyday products have a herbal and natural basis to help strengthen the organism of the body, and allow it to take a breather.

In our surroundings full of chemicals and harmful substances it is so important to watch out for your health.



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