Verbena (Herb-of-the-cross)

Verbena (Herb-of-the-cross), organically grown



Natural Verbena (Verbena officinalis) is a traditional curing plant popularly used as a basis for cosmetic products. It contains among other things Silicic Acid, essential oils, Verbenalin, bitters and Alpha Sitosterol. Its name has been known since the Middle Ages, because it was believed to be the best remedy for war and battle wounds inflicted by Iron weaponry.

As a fluid applicant, Herb-of-the-cross can be used for cuts, burns, grazes or slow to heal wounds, bruises, abscesses, rashes and eczema sores. It can even be used as a type of Tea!All of our products containing Herb-of-the-cross have been grown on organic cultivations, and give a refreshing, balanced, equalizing, repairing and protecting effect. Lemon Grass also adds a refreshing fragance.

Tip: Dyeing, coloring, shading, putting permanent highlights in the hair, as well as frequent washing, especially in chlorinated water, are all tough on the scalp. Due to these factors, the scalp can dry out easily and get irritated. Often because of this, hair tips can wither and split, dandruff, loss of hair or pale and limp looking hair can occur. Using our care products frequently will allow your scalp the nutrient regeneration that it needs.


Verbena Hair Shampoo. 200 ml / 6,77 oz. Price: € 12,90.

Verbena Hair Balsam. 200 ml / 6,77 oz. Price: € 15,50.

Haircare Set. Verbena Hair Shampoo & Hair Balsam, Aloe Vera Hair Treatment (100 ml / 3,39 oz). Price: € 36,00.

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