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The secret of Chelates



We are assisting you in reaching an optimum supply of substances for your body, and we are going to inform you how to go about reaching this level in detail, on a scientific basis.

Chelation [Greek = lobster’s claw – in reference to the shape of the atom formation involved] is a compound comprising a mineral and an organic part. The mineral part is always a metal ion as occurring in metal salts. The organic part is designed to, on the one hand, hold on to the metal ion very strongly, and on the other hand to ensure that the intestinal absorption of the compound by the body is very high.

In this process the compound can be produced as a biological (biogenic) or synthetic (xenobiotic) substance.

Hydrolyzed Proteins or Amino Acids from Hydrolyzed Proteins are the organic part of the Chelate form of our product. We are using Amino Acids from Soy protein.

They can be manufactured in a wide assortment of specifications, and because the protein has natural variations and fluctuations, different protein sources vary in color. Therefore it is understandable that we can see the biological Chelate forms in differently assembled combinations. They have average molecular weights and also a different nitrogen content, which is important for chelation.

The content of any type of dominant metal salts neither changes nor modifies the effectiveness.

The amount of Amino Acids (metal chelates) of a product is often quoted as a percentage in terms of Amino Acid Chelates (AAC). We prefer 10% AAC (manufacturer’s term) from Hydrolyzed Soy Proteins for our formulations. Through the combination of mineral nutrients and herbal protein, the positive influence for the metabolism is different to, for instance the influence provided by an organic salt or by a synthetic complex.

Many terms are mixed, especially in English and American vocabulary, but there will not be any remarkable differences distinguished between a biological chelate and a synthetic complex, and the uniform expression “Chelate” tends to be used. This, and the fact that the chemistry terms Chelate and Complex are often used in equivalence, makes this kind of explanation necessary.


Advantages of the Chelate


  • Amino Acids (source: Soy Protein) are essential as a means of transportation (transport medium) from the intestines into the blood and around the blood itself

  • Suitable to be taken by babies and infants, and also during gravidity and lactation (informing your physician is necessary)

  • regulates the pH value
  • you are allowed to take these tablets at any time before, alongside or after meals, and together with other drugs – there are no interactions
  • ideal nutrients for the normal course of life and business, sports, hobbies, heavy labor, gravidity, growth and stress


Before using supplements such as orthomolecular medicines, advice should be sought from a physician or pharmacist who is well-informed about orthomolecular treatments. Information provided here is not intended to give or represent a medical diagnosis or treatment plan.

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