blutanalyse_1Elemental Measurements from Organic Samples

Analysis of whole blood samples gives us useful micronutrient diagnostics …



… for depleted reserves of bulk and trace elements. Nothing can show the levels of vital elements in these reserves more than whole blood analysis, even for those elements that may not show up in other analyses.

Elements measured in blood serum* (an integral part of blood)

do not always reflect the actual content of the organism, as before measurement the red and white blood cells (Erythro- & Leukocytes) are removed; precisely those cells in which a higher concentration of elements can be found. On the other hand, whole blood involves all the constituent elements.

Note. If no evidence of heavy metals is found by this analysis, please be aware that it doesn’t necessarily mean that none is present. Results may appear to be correct (false negative), though that can be due to results appearing in a different place, or in another compartment of the measurement.

At this point, Hair Analysis can also be applied.

Since the discovery of Spectral Analysis, this method of measurement has already been utilized to measure solid substances in chemistry, industry, for biological sampling and food products, and applied in forensic medicine and toxicology for evidence of poisoning or drug use.
Which elements will be measured, prices, and a more precise description of sample extraction can be found in the additional links further down the page.

*By ‘Blood Serum’ (also ‘Serum’, Latin: Molke), one refers to all liquid components of blood that can be yielded from centrifugal blood testing methods. Serum consists of 91% Water, 7% Proteins, 2% Electrolytes and Nutrients, as well as other trace molecular substances. Centrifugal testing separates vital cellular parts such as red blood cells, platelets and white blood cells, therefore removing the parts which contain the vital substances.


Information about Analyses and Prices
Registration Form for Blood Analysis (pdf)
Sample Extraction Instructions (pdf)

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