Pushing the Boundaries of Biological Analytics

Urine Analysis shows the quantities of the elements that are being flushed out of the body.



Numerous tests show that the organism itself cannot rid the body of the damaging Heavy Metal Toxins deposited in its tissues. The only current possibility to record the levels of these heavy metal deposits is through urine analysis after using a chelating agent.

If a toxic element is found to be over the target value (reference figure) in the analysis, then it will likely be found in these toxic deposits in the bodily tissues, and will be placing “stress” upon the organism. In the follow-up measurements, only the elements with raised levels from the initial analysis will be recorded, until those levels have dropped below the individual load limits (as given by the reference figures). The values of toxic elements  initially recorded in urine can rise after a later release with chelating agents (mobilisation).

Tip. Passing urine with chelating agents can cause other essential (vital) elements to become connected and therefore removed. These elements should be supplemented. As the dosage is dependent upon biological rhythms and physiological processes, and nutrition and lifestyle is determined individually, we recommend consulting your doctor.

Since the discovery of Spectral Analysis, this method of measurement has already been utilized to measure solid substances in chemistry, industry, for biological sampling and food products, and applied in forensic medicine and toxicology for evidence of poisoning or drug use.

Which elements will be measured, prices, and a more precise description of hair extraction can be found in the additional links further down the page.


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