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stethoskopAbout us

It is widely known that Orthomolecular Medicine does not try to eliminate the symptoms of bad health, but tries to correct these by using the body’s own substances.



We are growing older. The constantly increasing life-expectancy means that we have an ever greater need for medical and nutritional supplements so we can reach our optimum health levels. Since 1984 we have placed an increased emphasis on, among other things, chemical analyses from hairbloodurin and water.


What we analyze:

  • Trace elements, minerals and toxic elements in hair (monitoring the last three months)
  • Trace elements, minerals and toxic elements in the blood (monitoring the last 24 hours)
  • Imbalances in, a lack of or a surplus of the required minerals (trace elements and minerals)
  • Toxic body burden (pollution) through environmental poisoning with respect to heavy metals found in urine (ArsenicLeadMercuryCadmiumAluminum etc.)

We offer:

  • Analysis for everybody, Physicians, Pharmacists, Therapists and experts, professionals and specialists working in the health care sector
  • Selective and individual recommendations regarding the results of the analysis
  • The unique manufacturing of our products.


Because of our long history of activity, and the experiences we have collected since 1984, we have been able to help a lot of people with sicknesses, and prevent, or recognize at an early stage (early diagnosis) imbalances in levels of vitamins and elements and the resulting sicknesses that they cause.

We do not only care for you and your family, but also for physicians, clinics, institutes and people working in all areas of the health care business, whether here or abroad.


Before using supplements such as orthomolecular medicines, advice should be sought from a physician or pharmacist who is well-informed about orthomolecular treatments. Information provided here is not intended to give or represent a medical diagnosis or treatment plan.

Medical questions sent via e-mail cannot be answered.